Working With Us

"Mare" is one of the leading ship supply and procurement agency. We can offer you brilliant career opportunities in our offices.

At Mare we combine more than 25 years of experience and the skills of our employees to consistently deliver highly efficient solutions for complex client requirements. We employ a diverse workforce and place great importance upon attracting, motivating and retaining skilled and professional people.

We recognize employee contribution and commitment through development and growth opportunities throughout the organization. In supporting our customers and company culture, we are highly aware of the need to maintain the highest ethical standards throughout our operations.

Mare is committed to ensuring an ethical and transparent recruitment process. All of Mare’s recruitment policies and practices are fully legal, ethical and in-line with global best practices. We operate in a highly ethical framework with a commitment to both corporate and individual responsibility and accountability; an approach that is strongly supported by the Managing Director, the Executive Committee and employees. A strong commitment to ethics and integrity isn’t just the right way to do business; it’s how we earn the trust and respect that is crucial to our success. Our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct underpins all of our business operations, including our hiring processes.

Mare continually diversifies its business to suit our customers' changing requirements and with that comes many excellent development and growth opportunities for our employees. The industry is fast moving which encourages our employees to be dynamic and efficient.