Shipyard Representation

“Mare” is the representative of the First-Class shipyards, geographically well located for the marine and offshore industry. In the company we have a vast experience in assisting owners and managers towards a successful repair, conversion or new building project.

For various shipyards we provide case by case services. We actively involve ourselves to assist yard or owner to suit their requirement.

What Can Turkish Shipyards Build?
  • Oil Tankers
  • Chemical Tankers
  • Bulk Carriers & Containers
  • Heavy Lifting Ships Multipurpose Vessels Platform Supply Vessels
  • War Ships & Coast Guard Boats
  • Tugboats
  • Mega Yachts & Yachts
  • Fishing Boats
Why Turkish Shipyards ?
  • Location : 95% of the shipyards are located in the same bay near Istanbul (35 km) / one-day trip for European ship-owners
  • Provide services for dry-docking, ship repair & conversion, offshore –oil & gas and new ship building as the only shipyards area situated in the Mediterranean.
  • Quality Production
  • Experienced and Flexible Work Force
  • Favorable climate conditions for shipbuilding
  • Authorized Makers & Classification Societies
  • One of the biggest floating docks in the world
  • Variety of the Repair and Maintenance facilities