Message From The Chairman

Dear Friends and Valued Customers,

First of all, it goes without saying that our thoughts are with everyone affected by the global outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19), and I do hope you & your loved ones are safe and sound!

We have left 2020 behind, a hectic year with the outbreak of the COVID-19. Globally many companies have had to re-think how to act and protect their personnel in the best way possible while still continuing their business. As MARE we have used our onboard experience to manage & counter to the new challenges we have all faced.

As Mare’s team consists of many ex-oceangoing captains, who have had their education in several of Turkey’s renowned Maritime Universities, it was easy to adapt and adjust to the pandemic. Because of this, even before COVID-19, our focus on safety already was a detrimental part of the “Mare Philosophy” as we are certified by relevant bodies for quality & safety management, among others. Additionally, we already had a vessel’s approach – same as used onboard - of risk assessments, ‘near-miss’, preventive action, Master/Management’s review by using our own ISM and checklist according to Mare policy and missions, to safeguard and prevent all potential risks within our organization.

Even though the eventual scale of the pandemic was unknown to anyone at first, risk assessments were made to establish best-practices for preventing risks to our team, as well as the crew of vessels we would visit during our supplies and services. For crew’s safety, onboard personal interaction was reduced to a minimum. In our offices, warehouses, we make sure to reduce the amount of people in close proximity and any interaction as short as possible and stimulate working remotely.

In conclusion, during the last year, we have shown that our approach of managing our company & logistics in the same way as we did onboard has made it easy for us to adjust where necessary, due to our well-organized supply chain and previous onboard experience.

In 2021, MARE will continue to demonstrate how we stand out in this competitive landscape like a vessel sailing steady in rough seas. We will continue to grow further with the correct strategies and safety measures and I hope things will turn back to “normal” soon.


Osman Bilgin