Marine & Off-shore Cranes From MARE

Thanks to years of broad technical experiences in the maritime industry, Mare is a global expert when it comes to the manufacturing of Marine & Off-Shore Cranes. Being a certified manufacturer, we are specialised in manufacturing all types of cranes and design these according to your specific needs and demands. After having finished the custom design, we construct your crane tailor-made from sheet till bucket at our workshop in Istanbul. After finishing, our cranes are going through the IACS member certification process and are ready to be exported wherever is requested.

  • Knuckle Boom Cranes
  • Foldable Knuckle Boom Cranes
  • Stiff Boom cranes
  • Telescopic Boom Cranes
  • Fully Foldable Telescopic Boom Cranes
  • Traveling Cranes
  • Off-Shore Cranes
  • Second Hand Cranes