Message From The Chairman

Dear friends and valued customers,

We left 2015 behind with the slowdown in China, considered as the engine of world economy as well as a sharp decline of the Baltic Dry Index (BDI), considered as the economic indicator of the world shipping economy this raised concerns about the upcoming period in the maritime sector.

These low rates moved dangerously close to the combined operating costs of vessels, crews and fuel.

During this period, We have tried to do our utmost to assist all of our clients, ship-owners, ship-managers, ship-operators, catering companies and agencies by developing our payment terms and reducing our mark-up so that we are able to build life-long and successful partnerships with all our clients through understanding and fulfilling their needs in the best and feasible way. Our company was built on our dedication to find the answers to complex problems. Today, we have even more important problems to solve for our customers. Our people are showing every day that they are up for the challenge. We are proud of the work we do to help ensure a future where businesses, the environment and society can thrive.

We at MARE consider ourselves a link that adds value in the Supply Chain; We have been supplying the ships on the market and offshore units with great succes and our company brought experience and a long, colorfull, illustrious history in the shipping sector for about 23 years.

As it's mentioned in our company’s slogan (All in), we are always focused on ; how we can give the best turn-key based service and to make our customers feel delighted after our services. In a short time, with the experience we have gained day by day, we have positioned ourselfs in the best spotlight among our branche’s collegues/companies in Turkey. We look out for being one of the leading companies in the sector.

With my new company Mare, we took it a step further to offer the best quality service to our customers with the aid of our global network and wide experiences.

In 2016, we will continue to demonstrate how we stand out in this competitive landscape and will continue to grow further with the correct strategies as well as the synergies created by bringing all our units together at Mare Headquarter in Izmir.


Osman Bilgin
Managing Director