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Born in Corum (Mecitozu) in 1973, Bilgin completed his junior high and high school education in Istanbul and college education in Izmir. In 1993-1994, when he was still a college student, he started his maritime career as a trainee with the Cerrahgil Group (Istanbul).

During the summer months of 1994-1995, he completed his deck training on board the vessels MV “C. Tahsin” and MV “C. Mehmet”, which were part of the Cerrahgil fleet. He had his dockyard training at Tuzla Gemi Endustrisi A.S. (Istanbul) and his operations training at Cerrahgil Denizcilik A.S.(Istanbul) At this company Bilgin was employed in the Personnel & Human Resources Department, Ship Fuel Procurement, Ship Operations and Ship Chartering and Ship Agency departments at the head office in Tesvikiye, Istanbul and was responsible for the Kusadasi, Izmir, Bodrum, Marmaris, Fethiye and Istanbul port operations for cruise ships, to which the Group provided agency services. In 1998 Bilgin graduated from the Maritime Business & Management Department at the Maritime Faculty of Dokuz Eylul University in Izmir.

Having carried on his educational and working life together during his college years, Bilgin took offices as an assistant to the Operations Manager (1996) at Ak-Yakit Akaryakit A.S. (Izmir) This was followed by his positions as Sales and Marketing Manager (1996-1997) and then General Coordinator (1998) at Ozdenizcilik Ulastirma ve Gida A.S. (Izmir) and carried out the organization of the Izmir, Aliaga and Bandirma branch offices. Upon completion of his military service at Poligon in Izmir and at The Mersin Coast Guard Command in 1999, Bilgin started to work for the Anele/Albatros Group as Sales and Marketing Manager.

In 2000, Bilgin founded Arma Marine Services S.A., Turkey and BTC Maritime Inc. together with his associates. In years from 2000 to 2015 (Dec.) he worked as the chairman of the same group. Currently Bilgin is the CEO and Founder of Mare Supply, Logistics, Shipping & Foreign Trade Inc.(Turkey) and Mare Trading Llc (USA). In addition, since 29 December 2009, Bilgin has been acting as the Turkish representative and “Country Manager” of Seven Seas Group (formerly EMS Ship Supply by EITZEN Group) , a company of the SUPREME Group, which has ship supply offices worldwide.

Bilgin, who has been acting as the Member of the Board of Governors and Secretary General at the Turkish Ship Suppliers Association (TURSSA) for two terms. This association takes an effective role in those areas which interest the sector within the scope of the efforts of developing maritime and ship supplies in Turkey, ensuring adaptation to and competition with the other countries of the world. After experiencing procedural distress, the association aims to relieve the sector in means of expanding the market, increasing exports and harmonizing Turkey’s legislation with that of the EU. In order to represent issues of the sector, he also took office in the executive committee of the 54th conference of the International Ship Suppliers Association (ISSA), which was held at Istanbul in 2009.

After having been a member of the professional committee no. 12 of the IMEAK Chamber of Shipping (Istanbul, Head Office) for one term, Bilgin is now a member of the Assembly and Associate Member of the Board of Governors of the IMEAK Chamber of Commerce (Izmir Branch Office). Furthermore, he is a member of the Executive Committee of the “Turkish Cruise Platform”, in which the representatives of the Turkish Cruise sector come together under the leadership of the Izmir Chamber of Commerce (IZTO).

Bilgin is also a delegate of the International Maritime Purchasing Association (IMPA) International Platform. Since 2011 he has been appointed as the chairman of the board of governors of the Association of Dokuz Eylul University Maritime Faculty Graduates (DEFMED),which was established to provide the graduates of the Maritime Faculty an opportunity of meeting, solidarity, assistance, the opportunity of professional improvement and to deal with the problems of the graduates. For the students it aims to provide an opportunity of training and scholarship.

In his social life, Bilgin, is a member of the Congress of the Besiktas Gymnastics Club, interested in tennis, sailing and automobile sports.

Moreover, he is a track/rally pilot licensed by the Turkish Automobile Sport Federation (TOSFED) and holds various cups/ratings in track championships. Having taken place in many international organizations and commissions, Bilgin has a good command of English language. Bilgin is married and has a daughter and a son.

Bilgin is married and He has a daughter and a son.

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